A. Tellios, curator, 'Hidden natures'
‘On Architecture - Facing the Future’, organized by Strand
Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

‘Hidden natures’ is the result of design research on innovative architectural configurations. It speculates on experimental tectonics and complex architectural conditions articulated using advanced design and modelling tools. It investigates the spatial potential derived by interdisciplinary study of natural mechanisms, structures and living organisms.
It suggests innovative architectural vocabularies and spatial utopias over a wide array of scales, ranging from human skin prosthetic articulations to large, synthetic reef aggregations. ‘Hidden natures’ presents a selection of projects being done within the frame of the experimental design studio called 'Spatial Investigations’, led by Anastasios Tellios, over the years 2009-2014 at School of Architecture, AUTH, Thessaloniki.

‘Sunken Vessels‘ by Niki Papacharalampous, ‘Emphytefsis‘ by Arsenios Zachariadis, ‘Reef’ by Stratis Georgiou, ‘Fat tissue’ by Georgios Chousen, ‘Climbed truths’ by Andrei Bogdan Bujorean, ‘Nepheloma’ by Roxani Tseranidou, ‘The Myriapod’ by Ellie Athanasiadou