New publication
Tellios, A., ‘terrains in-between’, (preface) 
in Zavraka D., ‘urbanBLUR:, CND Publications, Thessaloniki, 2014 

urbanBLUR is a publication bringing together writings and visual inserts on multi-layered infiltrations between city and nature. The notion of BLUR refers both to a fusion of disciplines forming space as well as an interactive dispersion of natural and artificial elements redefining contemporary human environments. 
More specifically, the title wishes to indicate an emerging defocus in the manipulation of space at various scales of the city, as well as the emergence of new ‘understated’ modes of urbanism.

Saskia De Wit, Chien-Ke Cheng, Isabel Carriga, Clara Carriga, common room, SCI-Arc, ERZ, Anneliese Vobis, Atelier Hugo França, IAAC, Anette Freytag, Sophia Vyzoviti, Cameron McEwan, Dietmar Köring, Petra Noordkamp, Frank van der Salm, Reality Cues, DOGMA, Mark Dorf, Nova Jiang, Barry Underwood, Anastasios Tellios, Maria Tratsela.

ISBN 978-960-88610-8-4

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